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tv   Weekly Presidential Address  CSPAN  May 23, 2015 6:20pm-6:26pm EDT

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e. host: where did you grow up? guest: i group in santa cruz california, before the university was built. beautiful place. host: what are the rules for you to drive back to florida today? guest: i will continue to have the gps. i am allowed to drive down, and they haven't said a straight limit on how many miles off the highway i can go, but within two or three miles of 95 south -- once i get there, they were good enough to relax the limits. i will be able to travel around hillsboro county in florida. i will be about a get out and mow my lawn. host: when will you be back in washington? guest: there is a date set, my
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attorney indicates that by mutual consent, they will extent that beyond where it is to give everybody a little bit more time to regroup. if, at that meeting, we have not reached a negotiated settlement let the punishment that the crime. then it will go to trial. i am comfortable with what a jury would decide. host: doug hughes, gyrocopter pilot and campaign finance reform advocate has been our guest. just fyi, if you remember a couple years ago "tractor man" was sentenced to six years in prison for making threats destroying property, and
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paralyzing part of downtown washington back in 2003. mr. hughes has been our guest. he was not allowed to come into the studio because of the ankle bracelet and restrictions on his movement. announcer: on the next washington journal anna gal land. ben weber, a policy advisor for george bush, looks at how the gop presidential dimeric campaign is shaping up. and darrell harvey discusses the isis takeover of ramadi. as always, you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter.
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announcer: the weekly addresses for this memorial day weekend from president obama and mac thornberry. president obama: hi everybody. this week and is memorial day, a time to pay tribute to our men and women in uniform who have ever given their lives so that we can live in freedom and security. this year, the holiday is especially meaningful. it is the first memorial day since our poor and it in afghanistan. on monday, at arlington, i will join our families, veterans, and loved ones, to remember all of our fallen heroes, including the more than 2200 american patriots who gave their lives and afghanistan. i plan to share a few stories. growing up in arizona, white martin loved the outdoors -- why
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wyatt martin loved the outdoors and later enlisted in the army to give back to his country. raymond morris was born in jamaica. as a teenager, he came to queens. like so many immigrants, he felt the call to serve his country and joined the army. he fell in love, got engaged and a thing he wanted most was to make the world safer for his daughter. they traveled different paths or it in december, their paths intersected is the final two americans to give their lives in afghanistan. this weekend reminds us that, around the world, our men and women continue to risk their lives. in afghanistan, our troops have a new mission, training and
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advising afghan forces are it john dawson was one of them. from massachusetts, he loved the bruins. in april, he gave his life as an army combat medic. the first american to give his life in this commission. this memorial day, we will honor corporal dawson. like generations of years before them, these americans give everything they had, not for glory or gratitude but for something greater than themselves. we cannot bring them back. nor can the ease the pain on their families and friends who live with the loss. the we are the americans they die to defend. what we can do, what we must do is fulfill our obligations to them, just like they have filled there is to us. we have to honor their memory we have to care for their families and our veterans who served with them. as a


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